About Our Artists

All of our yoga mat designs are created by independent artists - the locals in your community. We're very much a community supporting enterprise and we use local resources as often as possible. Right down to the custom lettering for each mat design, shout out to @carlyfairbank for those. The majority of our art, including the lettering is digitized handmade art.

Visit our artists: 

Allison Kiloh
Hattie Young
Solaleh Kazemi
Rea Zogia
Amy Ebrahimian


We welcome and encourage your feedback about any of our designs, or if you are an artist/designer/ illustrator with a design in mind that you think will look great on a yoga mat, submit it to us. If we add your design to our product line we'll credit you for the artwork and send you one of your own for free! 


Email your design to contact@warriormats.com or send us a message below.