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Our goal at warrior mats is to provide you with safe, healthy, and refreshingly fun yoga mats to help elevate your yoga and meditation practice. Our yoga mat is offered in a selection of artistic designs, created by independent artists, mostly drawn locally, by hand.

We're based in the vibrant yoga community of Vancouver, Canada, and we're driven to offer a far superior alternative to the mostly unoriginal and uninspiring yoga mats commonly found today.

Most yoga mats curl at the edges and require towels (for hot yoga) that bunch and move under your feet, and they're often made with poor quality 'TPE' (thermoplastic elastomer) foam or other chemicals. 

We developed our mat to be much safer. Our mats lay totally flat, the rubber base (natural tree rubber) sticks to the ground to prevent the mat from moving, and we added a surface layer of biodegradable microfibre to wick away moisture and improve grip. You do not need to use a towel with our mats. Best of all, they weigh only 5.2 pounds making them one of the lightest mats in the 4mm class.  

We prioritize our support of local businesses, artists and freelancers, and we believe that we cannot define our success without the joint success of our partners.

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